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Ремейк Fallout 3 на движке Fallout 4 отменен, New Vegas все еще в работе · Cohen 13. От Vladeslav Mission Mojave, Mission Mojave 10. Для Fallout: New Vegas (2010).

NEW in V8 Cateye and Nuka Cola Quartz 'Blue-Eye' effects do not affect player if item is consumed by stupid-entitled follower with inventory.

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Cram, Blamco Mac and Cheese, and the Irradiated versions of those items now equip as Food items instead of "Big Guns" items. NEW in V8 All unique apparrel and weapons removed from repair lists to avoid using them to repair normal variants. NEW IN V10 Addional fix for the female pipboy to prevent clipping with the arm during movement and combat.

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NEW in V9 Removed the empty soda bottle. Both empty nukacola bottles and empty sunsetsarsparilla bottles where intended to count as empty soda but the system was never finished. NEW in V9 Empty Sodabottles found in the game were replaced with nuka ones and reciepes using soda bottles now have variants for both empty bottles. NEW in V8 All Vendors now correctly restock on Wednesday and Sunday, regardless of 'No Low-Level Processing' flag. NEW in V8 Auto-Docs in Dead Money DLC correctly heal Sleep Deprevation, and restores it if it has been removed via bug. NEW in V8 Junk Rounds for various weapons restored (still not available without getting the perk via console).

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NEW in V8 Removal and subsequent return of any group/all of Player's items (including DLC followers) are given a singular 'Your weapons have been returned. Brotherhood of Steel Soldier Class changed skills from explosives to unarmed due to background and story.

LOD terrain has been completely regenerated, this should eliminate issues where low resolution background terrain would sometimes show through. The regeneration may cause minor compatibility issues with other mods. Many navmesh related problems where NPCs would get stuck unable to negotiate obstacles have been fixed. NEW in V10 Low Level Processing on all Merchants enabled to now have inventory properly restock over set Merchant refresh days.

NEW in V9 Dead Great Khans at Tribal Village changed to Fiends to fix continuity error from All Roads (collectors edition comic). NEW in V9 Restored leveled-enemies missing from Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. Players of lower levels may find DLC more accessible. NEW in V8 Lily's stealth-off sound loop during combat (if player remains crouched whilst Lily attacks) fixed. NEW in V8 Fixed the unmarked legion spy attacking you the moment get near him even tho you with the legion. NEW in V8 Fixed the disgused legion frumentus being killed if you where near any ncr members the moment he attempt to talk to you.

Fixed an error where you could get stuck or Ms. Williams talked to you through the wall after getting Vault 22 quest and then walking out.

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Added a check which will remove the Legion Assassins and retry in 3 hours if you somehow managed to get them stuck or if they got lost. Assigned correct karma to all fiends. Some were set to neutral instead of evil (majority was already set to evil). Ensured that the Head Waiter is not hostile to you if you are dressed in full White Glove Society Attire. Incorporated NVCE fixes for mismatched skin tones, discoloured features (green lips etc) and clipping on many NPCs. NEW in V9 Chemist perk no longer affects all ingestibles. Cannot be used in conjunction with Logan's Loophole.

NEW in V9 Logan's Loophole perk no longer affects all ingestibles. Cannot be used in conjunction with Chemist (due to exploit like values). NEW in V9 Skill Trait fixed to no longer improperly apply skill boosts. Now done through Perk injection correctly. Fixed "Day Tripper", "Chemist", "Logan's Loophole" and "Chem Resistant" Perks to modify the duration and addiction values of chems corretly and to display the change values in the pipboy. Changed the skill requirement for the "Pyromaniac" perk to Energy Weapons instead of Explosives, as intended (additionally this specific mistake is confirmed by bethesda).

NEW in V10 Birds of a Feather: New Guard appears naturally after completing the employment section of the quest. This guard is mentioned through dialogue. NEW in V10 For The Republic: More reliable options to complete Great Khans quest, and ability to complete Great Khan part if Oh My Papa has already completed.

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NEW in V10 Oh My Papa: Fixed For The Republic locking out if you complete Oh my Papa before starting the quest or have the Khans take the Suicide Run. NEW in V10 Oh My Papa: Regis should now properly initiate dialogue with player after attempting to convince Papa Kahn to break Caesar Allegiance.

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NEW in V10 That Lucky Old Sun: Deciding where to reroute power affects Freeside's street electricity at certain times of the day. NEW in V9 Back In The Saddle: Goodspring Settler Gecko victim dialogue fixed so she now longer says 'Help Me! NEW in V9 Crazy, Crazy, Crazy: Neil properly says his distraction dialogue, play a 'scanning' idle during that dialogue, and returns to sandbox at entrance to Black Mountain after quest completion.

NEW in V9 Tend to Your Business: Van Graff Guard replacement will now appear after you leave Freeside and not immediately. NEW in V9 You'll Know It When It Happens: Radio used to call-in Sniper properly destroyed after use. NEW in V9 You'll Know It When It Happens: Ranger Grant runs to observation deck to avoid unnecessary idle.

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NEW in V9 You'll Know It When It Happens: Kimball's guards correctly guard his body in alert state after his assassination. NEW in V8 Dealing with Contreras: Complete restructing of Keller and Contreras dialogue to ensure proper layout and correct quest completion.

Player now has working chance to make deals with Keller. NEW in V8 Dealing with Contreras: Note added to Player's inventory telling them to kill Keller when there is absolutely no option left available. NEW in V8 Eyesight to the Blind: Power Armor reward has higher condition to emphasise 'refurbishment' dialogue. NEW in V8 I Could Make You Care: Dialogue prompts for Veronica are more likely to be heard when prompted. NEW in V8 Old School Ghould: Triggers for Raul's dialogue moved to into dialogue scripting for associated NPCs to avoid quest-breaking bugs. As a result, Raul's quest should activate properly when talking to NPCs.

NEW in V8 Restoring Hope: After liberating Camp Nelson, NCR Troopers will guard the area in patrols and outposts. NEW in V8 Restoring Hope: During NCR assault, outlying Nelson Legion explorers given hostilty and direction to Nelson to ensure battle and avoid bugged player dialogue. NEW in V8 Restoring Hope: Fixed activators not properly triggering Morale points after giving Quatermaster Mayes Dogtags. Morale Points total are possible). NEW in V8 Ring-a-Ding-Ding! Strip Securitron that welcomes you to New Vegas renamed to Victor, but reverts back to Securitron Mk 1 after dialogue end.

NEW in V8 That Lucky Old Sun: Dogs in courtyard changed from AggressiveDogs to SnifferDogsare to prevent false enemy positive on radar, and give hostility to Legion/Trespassers. NEW in V8 Wang Dang Atomic Tango: Fixes to Fisto's dialogue and ability for refunds and multiple visits. NEW in V8 Wang Dang Atomic Tango: Quest properly completes and assigns NPC packages upon completion.

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Agreeing to lie to the NCR on behalf of Motor-Runner in front of Bryce will result in Bryce attacking you. Hildern invoice is now displayed correctly without the need of talking to him twice. Now just one quest for updating form lists, inventories etc. Instead of 10 the old community patch had.

Unofficial Patch Plus

Fixed a bug with Santiago's dialogue that makes it impossible to collect his debt if you have completed "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" previously. Fixed an issue where the Arizona Killer quest immediately fails if you've mistakenly killed the unmarked Legion spy at Hoover Dam. NEW in V10 Cactus Water able to be crafted with Empty Soda Bottles and Empty sunset Sarsparilla Bottles. NEW in V10 Differentiations now made between Homebrewed drinks and normal drinks to prevent Star Bottle Caps exploit.

Added Vending Machine "[Return]" options for Pre-War Bonnets, Pre-War Baseball Caps, Business-wear, and Sexy Sleepwear. Ensured that the boat at Cottonwood Cove and Fort's guard gets activated in case player is hostile to the Legion. Changed the Cazador Poison Sting effect to a 3D sound, that only plays if you are actually near the creature. NEW in V10 Microfusion Breeder no longer appears in inventory (as intended by Vanilla game, and will not cause a wierd multiplication glitch. NPCs can use Recharger weapons, but will act as if they are normal Laser weapons.

A fix to this is currently being looked into. Still not obtainable with anything else than the console. Was just added for people to have fun with. Fixed a bug where companions could get teleported to the same place as the player, when activating Christine's Auto-Doc. Changed the position of the odd placed "East Pump Station" marker. Now you will spawn in front of the door. Fixed a static duplicate where one road was placed on top of another outside the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside. Fixed a huge amount of problems with Terrain and floating objects.

Only the most significant of these fixes are listed below as there are too many to keep track of and for the most part they are very minor issues.

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Most of of these changes are also available separately as "Mission Mojave x93" in the downloads section. Fixed an issue of non-working gate in Legion Fort when Lucullus was still alive and you couldn't leave without talking to him first. Fixed an issue when you get hostile to Gomorra guys and then exit the door and enter again (disabled controls).